Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled some of the more frequently asked questions we receive from our homeowners.  

I just moved in, but I have found some items that need repair. 
Any items requiring attention may be submitted to the homeowner portal at either the 90 day or the 11 month mark.

Is there sealer on my countertops?
All granite comes sealed for the first year. Homeowners had the option during their selections appointment to purchase Invisiblock to granite, which is a 15 year sealer. Granite is a porous stone, so even though it is sealed, it may leave moisture rings that should be absorbed into the stone.

Is my grout sealed?
The grout that we use is apoxy-based and includes a grout sealer.

What does the 10 year structural warranty cover?
Any defect in a load-bearing segment of the home that materially affects the physical safety of the occupants of the home.
  • Load-bearing segment means any of the following components of the Home: roof framing members (rafters and trusses); floor framing members (joists and trusses); bearing walls; structural columns (other than decorative coverings); lintels (other than lintels supporting veneers); girders; load-bearing beams; and foundations and footings.
  • Load-bearing segment does not include any of the following: non-load-bearing partitions and walls; wall tile or paper, etc.; plaster, lath or drywall; flooring and sub flooring material; brick, stucco, stone or veneer; any type of exterior siding; the Roof; doors, trim, cabinets, hardware, insulation, paint and stains; appliances; equipment and fixtures; HVAC system; Electrical system; plumbing system; sewage disposal system; site work and landscaping; or water supply system.

What is the white stuff appearing on my brick?
Efflorescence. The white, powdery substance that sometimes accumulates on masonry surfaces is called efflorescence. This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented. In some cases, you can remove it by scrubbing with a stiff brush and vinegar. Consult your home center or hardware store for commercial products to remove efflorescence.

When is the deck due for sealing?
Within 6 weeks of closing on the home.

How often do I need to change my filters?
One-inch filters should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis. The thicker "media pad" type filters should be checked every 6 months and replaced as needed.

How often do I water my sod?
Sod should be watered on an as-needed basis, and should be monitored daily. We recommend watering for longer periods of times less frequently to promote root growth.

How do I clean my hardwood floors?
Sweep on a daily basis or as needed. Never wet mop a hardwood floor. Excessive water causes wood to expand and can possibly damage the floor. When polyurethane finishes become soiled, damp-mop with a mixture of one cup ammonia to one gallon of warm water. When damp-mopping, remove all excess water from the mop. NOTE: Follow manufacturer's instructions.

The water coming out of my faucet does not get hot enough. How do I make it warmer?
  1. Turn the shower faucet on and let it run for three minutes or until you feel the temperature remain constant. Test the water temperature and set it at your ideal level.
  2. Close the water valve to the faucet. Access it through the shower walls or close the home's main water line near your home's water heater. This turns the water off.
  3. Take the handle off the faucet by pulling out the cap on top of the handle. Unscrew the Allen Screw inside the handle with an Allen Wrench. Pull the handle off the faucet. Take note of the position of the stop after you lift off the handle. The stop is the round dial under the handle.
  4. Remove the stop and turn it until it mimics the setting of the handle, which you just set. Replace the stop in this position to make the handle stop at the setting you previously found.
  5. Replace the handle and tighten the handle screw. Turn the water on and test the faucet. Remove the handle and reset the limit stop until the temperature is where you want it.
Why does it take so long for the water to get to my kitchen sink?
All hot water must first be expunged from the line, and the kitchen sink is often the farthest from the hot water heater. It is not abnormal for it to take 2-3 minutes to get hot water at a kitchen sink.


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