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Warranty & Customer Care

We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you in the construction of your new home and we are more than delighted to welcome you to the Eagle family of homeowners. We want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, including after Closing. The Eagle Advantage Home Warranty is a limited warranty against certain deficiencies in the materials and workmanship of your home. The warranty covers the specified deficiencies that are listed in your homeowner manual. You can also find frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you with some more common questions, as well as how-to videos on some of the more common homeowner maintenance questions.

In order to better serve our homeowners, we offer two opportunities to submit non-emergency warranty service requests, the first being 90 days after Closing, the second being 11 months after Closing. We will contact you approximately 10 business days after each list has been received and processed. 

90 Day Checkpoint

Only emergency items will be addressed prior to the 90 day checkpoint. Should you notice non-emergency items of concern during the first 90 days of occupancy, please take note and keep a running list of those items. You can then submit the final list online using the Eagle Construction warranty service request portal. 

11 Month Checkpoint

Once your 90 day list has been submitted, only emergency issues will be addressed until your 11 month checkpoint. Again, we ask that you please keep a running list and submit all items at once to our Eagle Construction warranty service request portal.

Warranty Emergency

Emergencies defined by the warranty are as follows:

  • Total loss of electricity not due to an area outage. Contact your local power company first.
  • Total loss of heat. Check to ensure the power switch to your HVAC unit(s) are in the "on" position first.
  • Water leak that cannot be stopped without shutting off all water in the house. Check to see if the leak can be stopped by closing individual shutoff valve(s) first. If that fails please close the main water shutoff valve before contacting our warranty team.
  • Natural Gas leak. Open windows, exit the home, and then contact our warranty team.
  • Roof leak. Try and control/catch leaking water, and then contact our warranty team.
  • Total sewage stoppage. Do not use plumbing fixtures, control/cleanup any backup spillage, and then contact our warranty team.

We ask that you please do not list emergency issues through the portal. If an emergency occurs, please take appropriate safety precautions or corrective measure to try and reduce damages first, and then contact the Eagle Construction "on call" Warranty Service Team at one of the numbers listed below.

  • During regular business hours M-F (8:00am-5:00pm): (804) 741-4663 x295
  • After hours, weekends, and Holidays: (804) 342-0735


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