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Customer Care

Congratulations on purchasing your new home
and we sincerely thank you for placing your trust in
Eagle Construction for such an important decision.
You can rest assured that you are in good hands
on your pathway to your new home and beyond.

Eagle is dedicated to our homeowners, as we
have been for over 25 years, and to providing you
with the knowledge and support to maintain your
home for years to come.

Welcome to the happy family of
Eagle homeowners!


To make your pathway to your new home as easy and stress-free as
possible, our Pre-Closing Homeowner Manual will give you everything
you need to know about Eagle's home buying process, from signing
your contract all the way to signing the final closing.

Download HomeOwner's Manual


Welcome Home! The final papers have been signed, the keys have been
placed in your hands and your new home is officially just that - yours.
In this section of the Homeowner's Manual, you'll find details about our
90 Day Warranty Program and our 1 Year Warranty Review, along with
a comprehensive list of home maintenance topics.

Download HomeOwner's Manual /   Homeowners Association

Request & Service Forms

Eagle is committed to providing quality customer service long after the
building and sales process of your new home is complete.
We are dedicated to resolving any warranty or service issues that may
arise. If you would like to make a request, please use our online form
to submit your claim.

Submit A Warranty Request /   Questions? Concerns? Let us know!

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