E3® (Eagle Energy Efficiency) is a green building certification program designed to guide builders in creating healthy, energy efficient and comfortable homes that conserve natural resources during construction and help protect the environment.

To ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency, Eagle builds above the "green" standard by testing and certifying every single home under the E3 program. Other green building programs only test and certify 1 in 7 homes they build. Not only does Eagle test every home, but each home undergoes at least 3 different tests at various construction stages.

Upon completion, E3 Certified Eagle homes undergo comprehensive diagnostic testing to ensure your home is well above government standards to provide you with enhanced comfort, lower utility bills and better indoor air quality.

  • 1Contain specific, program defined features;

  • 2Earn a standard level of points by selecting
    items from a menu of green materials and best
    practices to include in the home;

  • 3Pass a series of third party inspections, a
    "blower door" test and a "duct blaster" test.

NOTE: Information is subject to change without notice.
Each of our neighborhoods has unique specifications.
Please see site agent for details.

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